Reusable Bio - cotton pads ( SET with headband)


This product is reusable and more ecologic, than disposable cotton pads.

The pads and headbands are handmade products. We use best quality bio cotton for long lasting product cycle. 

The set is one size because of its elastic nature. It consist of a headband and 6 cotton pads, which you can use on both sides either for removing make-up, applying your tonic or cleaning your face with water or soap. 

Headband is fashionable but very useful product. Protect your hair when washing your face or applying your make-up. Use it while practicing yoga or any other activity and protect yourself in colder weather. 

Products are sewed right after your order, so delivery can take from 3-6 working days in Luxembourg. It comes wrapped in nice paper and sent in envelope,  but if you like to have it for a present it will be sent in the giftbox, like on the picture. 

*send us email to, if you want this product to be sent as a gift. You can send a personal message with it. 



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