How much it matters to you what you put on your feet?
When choosing a cream we make research about ingredients, what about when choosing materials for your socks or other clothes?
🧦 As the weather is getting colder every day, we may think to use rather warmer socks and keep the comfortability and optimal temperature for our feet during the whole day.
One of the most suitable socks for winter is terry cotton socks. Terry is a manufacturing style where a sock area is knitted with a secondary loop in order to create extra cushioning. Terry style socks are designed to increase comfort for the foot, making it more comfortable but also keeping it warm thanks to the extra cushioning. They absorb the wet very well, so appropriate for sweating feet as well. The socks from terry are thicker, which means that you may not use them with shoes that are very narrow and tight, but preferably with more casual shoes.
Nobody likes having cold feet. But did you know that keeping your feet warm is good for your health and wellbeing too?
Our feet play a vital role in regulating our body temperature. Like our hands, they have a large surface area and lots of blood vessels. These can open up to let more blood flow, which allows heat to flow out of them.
They’re also at the end of our limbs (that’s why they’re sometimes called ‘extremities’) and they have less heat-producing muscle, which also makes them prone to cooling down. If they get too cold, our pain receptors are triggered and we feel discomfort – unless we can put on some really toasty socks.
Reflexologists believe that the feet are intimately connected to the rest of your body, with the 72,000 nerve endings in the feet each corresponding to different areas. That’s why soaking your feet in hot water gives such an all-round feeling of vitality – not just a good feeling in your feet. It can even help to relieve pain in other parts of the body, and generally reduce stress. Effective thermal socks can give you that foot-bath feeling all day long!
Cold feet often lead to poor sleep. If our feet are letting out too much heat, we may take longer to drop off. Keeping your feet warm helps to redistribute heat around the body so we can slip into a deep, comfortable sleep. A foot bath just before bed works well – but socks can keep the warmth going right through until morning.
So much for physical benefits. But there’s an emotional aspect too. Having cold feet can make you feel tense, irritable and stressed. What’s more, it can be hard to concentrate on work when you’ve got two blocks of ice under your desk, and a winter night out with freezing feet is just miserable. Cold feet can affect your whole quality of life.
So for the end, do your best to keep your feet warm, because now you know how important it is.