Compression Bamboo socks


High-quality compression Bamboo viskose socks, perfect for sitting and standing up jobs, sports, blood circulation problems,
Color: Black

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80% Viskose ( Bamboo), 18% Polyamide, 2% Elastan,  Best quality commpresion socks made in Turkey. One size 38-44. 


  • These Pro high-quality compression socks are ideal for people who need to stand up for a long time or who sits in office all day and therefor have reduced blood circulation. 
  • High-quality, fashionable compression stockings: These support stockings are created with a perfect balance of compression and comfort, using the latest 3D knitting technology; an exceptional design that slips easily onto your feet; superior stitching quality provides long-lasting use; with durability in mind, can be washed several times without losing original size; quick-dryig. 
  • A complete game changer in terms of physically strenuous workplaces which require long hours of standing up. Teachers, nurses, masseurs, engineers, artists, flight attendants and pregnant women can all benefit from the use of compression knee stockings. Very helpful in sports such as running, handball, marathon. Our product is a perfect addition for your home sports.
  • Amazing level of comfort and breathability to regulate temperature; perfect for any season, be it summer or winter! 
  • Excellent customer service: We always do our best to provide you with excellent customer service and will be happy to assist you at any time. Write us if you have any questions or problems.

Reusable, handmade in Luxembourg, 100 % cotton


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Styling collaborations with companies and individuals


Esada, was my student in 2015, and she impressed me since day one. Not only for her results in class but with her entrepreneurial thinking and open mindness.

Afterwards she did an amazing job at her first logistical company she worked in.

I support her fully with her idea to become independent as a Fashion Consultant and tried to send her my complicated cases of students exchanging their jeans into a business dress code. And she was magically changing not only their look but mainly their mind setting about how to become more elegant, serious and more mature. After the first trials we decided to integrate her skills in our training program to intensify our job interview sessions to educate our students how to dress for a successful Job Interview and even enjoying their new life as a professional! Thank you Esada to become a part of our success story of my company and program. You are changing people by dressing them into a self confident and successful young innovative business person!

Serge Soucek, CEO @ Aviation Academy Luxembourg

Event speaker

Styling work-shop

I know Esada since high school and our first impression was not so promisingly. 

But after the short term, we became unseparated. I saw that she is an honest person and truly a good friend. 

Today, she is a strong woman, determined, devoted, goal-oriented and focused. She is a powerful businesswoman and sensitive mother.

We organized our first business event in Slovenia together – Dress to impress. Beauty event, where she was a speaker on the topic of the importance of a great first impression;  in our everyday life, networking events or job interviews for example. We learned what type of body figure we look alike, and how to dress according to the type. She showed us tips and tricks to style our clothes in a fashionable way.  She also made an introduction to current seasonal trends and gave us a lot of useful advice on how to style new pieces with our old ones. She is the best Dress Partner you can have.

Her speech on the event was professional, focused, based on knowledge and her experiences. There was a lot of interaction between her and the audience. She was warm and she managed to establish a trustful environment.

I was very proud of us and I can not wait for another chance to organize an amazing event with her.

There is always a person behind a successful brand and I strongly believe that Esada is creating one. 

Anita Pandza, Founder @ Igrajnica

Our story

Making people feel excellent in their outfits

 Did You ever ask Yourself what is Your purpose? Everybody has a purpose and a story to share and this is our new story. We analyzed what is that one thing we are passionate about and we could do it forever? It was choosing outfits for our clients and making them feel great in it.  With our curiosity and aesthetic feeling, we are choosing quality new brands and  creating unique style for each of our client.